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Raised in the South Side Jeffery Manor neighborhood, Memo's hip hop heritage has its origins in his interactions with the guys from his block.

Exposed to the legendary music of NWA, Public Enemy, Marley Marl, A Tribe Called Quest, and Original Flava Unit, Memo's development as a producer had humble beginnings.

He purchased his first piece of equipment, a Casio SKI, in 1991, which he used to loop samples from the radio, which he would then give to his friends to rap over.

From this stage, he cultivated his sound throughout the 1990's, acquiring a Gemini Mixer in 1994, an E Max Keyboard in 1997, and finely an MPC2000 in 1998 which he continues to use today.

He became a member of the Molemen in 1996, and has since created such notorious beats as Rasco's "Guns still hot".

Above all else, Memo strives to create honest music,and in his own words believes that "sincere music speaks for itself." Anticipate the release of his new beat cd, "Lake Affect 4", currently in development. Written by Will Line

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