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Latest info from Molemen Records.

Jamal Science & Panik drop a video for "Splitsville" of the Simply Amazing project. Once again the visuals are handled by the Beast Factory Films team Sense Hernandez & Tony Shane.
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 02:23

[AUDIO] Panik - Revolt

Listen & Download!

Scheme & DJ Scend team up to bring to you Pocket Full of Pesos. A mixtape which focuses on the MC and the DJ; beats and rhymes.

Chicago Hip-Hop is riding high right now; more so than ever. The talent coming out of the city
of wind seems to grow each and every day. For those of you who have followed Chicago's scene
for years, know that the Molemen have been holding it down; and today marks a new chapter.
Jamal Science, a Chicago MC, connects with Panik of the Molemen to bring to you the
Simply Amazin EP. Entirely produced by Panik, with features by Scheme, Astonish, DJ Scend,
Chris Lesage, and Jasmine Luevano. With songs like Simply Amazin and Smoov Criminal, Jamal
showcases his raw abilities as an MC first and foremost. He then takes us through story driven
songs such as Maxine and Splitsville; which truly bring the EP together full circle. Sonically, Panik
captures different moods and takes us on a ride with every production piece he created for the
project. Jamal and Panik are the one-two punch for this industry shakedown. The new chapter has
been written, and it's entitled, Simply Amazin.

"Simply Amazin" is now available on iTunes & Amazon.


1. L'arrivée(The Arrival)
2. Simply Amazin'(cuts by DJ.Scend)
3 .Bring Me Down(ft.Chris Lesage)
4. Crew Love(ft.Astonish)
5. Be My Girl(ft.Astonish & Jasmine Luevano)
6. Maxine(ft.Jasmine Luevano)
7. The 90's
8. Splitsville(ft.Jasmine Luevano)
9. Weight Of The World
10. Smoov Criminal(ft.Scheme & Astonish)


Tuesday, 12 November 2013 02:14

[Video] Jamal Science "Smoov Criminal"

Here's the second single off of the "Simply Amazin"e.p. from Jamal Science & Panik. This time they  team up with Scheme & Astonish on "Smoov Criminal." Sense Hernandez of Beast Factory handles the visuals once again.

"Simply Amazin" is now available on iTunes & Amazon.

Monday, 14 October 2013 02:29

[New Single] Scheme x Analyst - Crooked

Scheme and The Analyst return again with a brand new song off of their upcoming EP; Respect All, Fear None.

Jamal Science "Simply Amazin'" produced by Panik, cuts by Dj Scend.

Available now on iTunes, Amazon and more.
Tuesday, 15 October 2013 01:52

[New Video] Jamal Science - Simply Amazin'

Jamal Science & Panik team up with Sense Hernandez for their new single "Simply Amazin'" off Jamal's debut Molemen Records release.

Vakill A.O.G Trailer

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