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04 Mar

Scheme & DJ Scend - Pocket Full Of Pesos (Mixtape)

Scheme & DJ Scend team up to bring to you Pocket Full of Pesos. A mixtape which focuses on the MC and the DJ; beats and rhymes.

The purpose was to bring back the essence of the mixtape. An MC showcasing his skills, and his DJ blending/mixing the entire thing together. They brought it back to where a mixtape was made to demonstrate skills without any rules. Pocket Full of Pesos is 1 hour of music; non-stop and without filler. The mixtape contains features by Molemen Records own Astonish and Jamal Science, as well as Clew Rock and Oscar Castillo. This is Scheme's first offering in both English and Spanish. This is the introduction to Scheme bringing every facet of who he is to the table. He has a Pocket Full of Pesos, and he's just trying to make these Pesos Turn to Dollars.


Enjoy the music for what it is. This mixtape is a showing off what an MC and DJ could create; the essence.

Pesos Turn to Dollars LP - Coming 2014

Purchase/Compra lo: scheme-music.myshopify.com
Download/Descarga lo: bit.ly/19aTFYp

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